The Benefits Of Massage

The Benefits of Massage

The action of massage is generally performed on an individual to deliver a beneficial result, therefore the main benefit of massage is said to be therapeutic. Massage has always been known for its relaxing and rejuvenating effects; however there are endless benefits an individual may feel from seeking therapeutic massage treatments. Massage can have physical, emotional, physiological and spiritual benefits.

Massage is a healing art form and has been used across many cultures for many centuries. Massage is a broad term used to describe many different techniques. What the term ‘massage’ may mean to some, will vary for others. Put simply, massage is to use one’s hands to touch, rub, stroke, knead or squeeze the skin and soft tissues of the body, including the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Physical Benefits of Massage

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More and more research is documenting specific physical benefits a therapeutic massage can bring.

  1. 1. Massage improves circulation – Massage dilates blood vessels and increases the blood flow to the area that is being massaged. Efficient circulation helps to promote healing processes. Massage is also effective in increasing the flow of lymph fluid which can reduce swelling. Specific techniques are known as manual lymph drainage, which is done to relieve or prevent the flow of lymph fluid in a specific area. There are many benefits experienced by improving the circulation of body fluids. These include:
    • eliminating waste and removing toxins as well as,
    • muscle recovery, including treating pain from a sports injury. Reducing pain and improving motion is not only effective for sports injuries but can help to relieve tension from any area of the body including lower back pain and neck pain.
  2. Relieving tension and relaxing muscle spasms can also naturally improve posture
  3. Massage is also used to improve motion and flexibility in joints and can reduce inflammation of overused joints which may assist in recovery and strengthening of the joint, therefore improving motion
  4. Massage can also strengthen muscle fiber and improve muscle tone.

These are some of the physical benefits of massage, so what emotional benefits can a massage treatment offer?

Emotional Benefits of Massage

Massage is known for its calming effects which can promote relaxation. The immediate soothing strokes of massage can trigger your body into relaxation mode, slowing your heart rate and dropping blood pressure. As your circulation improves, this will remove stress hormones and deliver more nutrients and oxygen to your tissues. Helping you to relax and unwind you will feel the benefits of a clearer and calmer mind!

Psychological Benefits of Massage

It is often recognized how relaxed you feel after a massage. But on a deeper level a massage can relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as stress, and can also help to calm aggression. By addressing some of these symptoms a client may improve the quality of sleep which can in turn return higher energy levels to one’s daily life.

Spiritual Benefits of Massage

The way we respond to stress is greatly influenced by our environment. Living in a fast paced lifestyle it is often difficult to ‘cope in stressful situations’ A massage treatment enables the individual to be attentive their own needs and take the time out to relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety as well as physical aches and pains. When we allow our body the chance to heal on a deeper level this can promote a clearer calmer mind and achieve a greater self awareness allowing a better stress response.

From a study of massage it becomes evident that the benefits of massage are greater than the immediate sensation of relaxation a person can feel when a trained masseur or masseuse applies their trade to your body, massage can have physical, emotional, physiological and spiritual benefits.

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